Jungho Kim is an Oakland-based photographer. He takes photos from his perspective as part of the Korean-adoptee diaspora — forever an outsider in an insider's world — and is heavily influenced by his experiences living in the United States, Japan, Sweden, and Korea. His work has focused on revealing the stories of those exploring their identities, experiencing inequity, or learning to adapt to our changing climates.

During the COVID-19 pandemic he has spent extensive time with unhoused people and organizations providing them with basic necessities and community support. Jungho has also covered dozens of protests during the Black Lives Matter protests following the killing of George Floyd, including direct actions like the toppling of statues in San Francisco's Golden Gate Park. In 2019, he  documented the Pro-democracy movement in Hong Kong, capturing quiet moments of resistance, defiant protesters, and violent crackdowns by police.

Jungho is currently available for assignments in Northern California and beyond. He has received first aid and safety training from the New York Times' Adversarial Reporting Training program.

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